Training Overview

The Barre Body® Level 1 training program is an extensive 16-hour course providing detailed information on how to structure a Barre Body® class, teach specific exercises, and select appropriate music. The training will also introduce exercise variations, modifications, and safety considerations. Participants will learn basic ballet vocabulary and movements. Lessons in musicality will review basic concepts of counting music and the importance of music choices in a class.

Following the training course, participants will have the information necessary to teach a basic Barre Body® class. Additional variations and modifications will be provided as part of continuing education and choreography updates through our licensing program.

Course Objectives

Barre Body® training provides instructors the opportunity to:

  • Develop the skills necessary to structure a 45-55 minute Barre Body® class, including appropriate time management and flow of exercises
  • Learn basic ballet vocabulary and proper Barre Body® technique
  • Understand how to appropriately use cues and articulate safety considerations
  • Learn the basics of counting music and receive guidance on effective musical choices
  • Enhance one’s voice and energy to promote rhythm and keep students engaged!

Pre-Requisites for Course

Individuals applying for the Barre Body® Level 1 certification program must meet the following pre-requisites and will be asked to provide proof on their application:

  • Be certified in or have documented experience teaching another fitness discipline such as Pilates, yoga, group fitness, or dance (if you do not meet this requirement, please contact us for information on appropriate Barre Body® training courses for you).
  • Have taken at least five Barre Body® classes or another approved Barre class.


Barre Body® training courses are held at Studio Body Logic® in Alexandria, VA and at participating host studios around the country. Subject to scheduling availability, our teacher trainers can also come to your location to train your staff. For information on hosting a Barre Body® training at your studio please contact us. Individuals often travel from across the US to attend the Level 1 certification course. Please contact us for travel advice.

Upcoming Events

Visit our upcoming Events page for details on future training sessions.


Please be sure to review our frequently asked questions and contact us if you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed.